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Indie Films Streaming Movies Downloads Free Trailers Comedy Film News is the Independent Films Network. Movies are coming to your desktop, laptop and television via the internet. Indie Films are our specialty. We make them, sell, stream, download, on demand, pay per view and monetize your films as well. Here you will find access to independent film for watching, viewing and purchasing. A community of indie filmmakers, Indie Films is your information zone for collaboration, knowledge, advice, tips, sharing and caring about the art and business of independent filmmaking.

Independent Film

Independent Film is the heart of the movie community. It is the soul of the filmmaker and the audience connecting in story, plot, dialogue, setting, feeling, heart and emotion. We are fervent believers in the essence of Indie Film. The Independent Film Network was founded by experienced feature film producers for Indie fans & is improved upon by Indie Fans. We welcome your comments and participation. Email us at


Independent Film promotions are fundamental to the sales process for the filmmaker and Indie Films provides that platform to allow your film trailer to be seen by a wide audience. Viewers can vote on your trailer, share it and comment. Sales professionals and distribution buyers can also view and contact you with interest.

Domestic and Foreign Sales (International Sales)

Foreign Sales are the heart of the Independents finance package and Indie Film shows you the way through the maze of companies and people in this niche end of the film industry. Selling your film is critical to repay your investors and to finance the post production or even the further production of your movie, documentary or television project. We are your source for entree' into that world.


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